Tuesday, January 13, 2009

You think I am reading your mind... but really I am just reading your blog.

Today's blog post is inspired by a secret I recently saw on Postsecret that read, "You think I am reading your mind... but really I am just reading your blog." And it got me wondering, what does a blog and other social media tell you about a person.

I find that people blog about what they are passionate about. Whether its marketing, their kids, a hobby, or a specific facet of their life, people write about something that is important to them and occupies their thoughts.

I think that's why when I meet someone and I am interested in learning about them, the first place I turn is their blog. I could go to Linkedin, but that's like reading a resume and tells me more about what they have done then who they really are.

Because a blog has that personal feel to it, people have that tendency to open up and show their true colors and you really get a feel for who the person really is.

Another place in social media that I like to see how people describe themselves is their Twitter bio. You only have 160 characters so you have to get right to the point. There is only room to include vital, important info and no room for fluff. 160 characters says a lot about what is important to a person and their reason for being on twitter. And when someone hasn't taken the time to fill out their Twitter bio, it just tells me they are there for the wrong reasons.

My twitter bio says "Social Media and Internet Marketing Strategist. Internet and Star Wars Geek. Dad and Husband. Snowboarding, Sports and Video Games." It tells about what I do, who I am, and a few hobbies I enjoy.

What do your social media profiles say about you?

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