Friday, October 17, 2014

Nancy Duarte: The secret structure of great talks

This is a wonderful talk by Nancy Duarte on using stories to present an idea.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Topher Grace, Seth Green and Mark Hamill kidnap George Lucas.

Movie Idea. Need Help. The movie takes place at Comicon in San Diego, where George Lucas is the headline attraction/speaker. Upset by StarWars 1,2 and 3, Topher Grace, Seth Green and Mark Hamill kidnap George and attempt to force him to re-edit the 3 movies into one decent movie, destroy the originals and remove all mention of midichlorians from StarWars cannon. In his old age, Mark Hamill thinks he's Darth Sidious. Darth Hamill is the mastermind of the plot and has the entire 501st as his Royal Guard. Not wanting to miss their only chance to meet George Lucas a rag tag bunch of geeks dressed as comic book, video game and sci fi characters attempt to rescue George Lucas. It is only later revealed that the rag tag group is actually lead by Jake Lloyd who wants to save himself from ending up on the cutting room floor with Jar Jar Binks.

How you can help: 1. Do you know George Lucas, Topher Grace, Seth Green or Mark Hamill? 2. Plot Suggestions. 3. Character and Casting suggestions. 4. Would you pay to see this movie? 5. Never mind answering #4. Of course you would see this movie, because it would be AWESOME!!! 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

When I was a kid......

When I was a kid....

.... vital Nintendo knowledge, like how to beat a boss or a cool cheat code, was passed from one kid to another at school. You couldn't look it up on the internet when you got stuck. You just figured it out and it worked pretty well. Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Select Start.

.... you kept a tape in your "BOOM Box", ready to hit record when your favorite song came on the radio so that you could savor that song over and over again. Sometimes you waited for days just so you could get the entire song.

.... you had to rewind and fast forward things. Cassette tapes. VCR tapes. Fast Forward. Stop. Play. Listen. Fast Forward. Stop. Play. Listen. You went too far. Rewind. Stop. Play. Is usually how it went.

.... we would talk to the people we were sitting next to.

.... we played Words with Friends, but it was called Scrabble.

.... we had blogs, but they were called journals and no one else read them.

.... we made up games on cross country trips.

.... this was an iPod.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Scientist Identify Geek Gene

Geek Gene

Scientists have finally identified the geek gene. That all important part of our DNA that makes us love things like Star Wars, Comic Books, Sci-Fi and Video Games. It explains why full grown men are willing to dress up in red tights and pretend they have Super Speed.

Scientist theorize that this gene is also responsible for most social awkwardness and also inhibits men and the occasional woman from talking to the opposite sex.

Geek Chromosome

Often large chains of the geek gene are woven together to form an actual geek chromosome, creating super geeks. Geeks so geeky, they rarely see the light of day other than the virtual sun in World Of Warcraft. So Geeky, they are willing to dress up as storm troopers and wait in line for days on end to be first in line for a re-release of a movie they can already quote line for line.

Geek Girls

Although predominantly found in males, it is occasionally manifest in women and is quite rare and highly valued.

Do I have the Geek Gene?

There is a simple test to determine whether or not you have the geek gene. Simply identify as many of the segments of the geek gene as you can. If you can identify all 7, then you are a geek.

If you have to use Google, then you are definitely not a geek.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Math With Friends

I have never been very good with word based games like Scrabble, so I came up with a game that is a little more my speed and one I can beat my wife at.  I call it Math With Friends.  It's more fun than a spelling bee.  It's based on word games like Scrabble but way more fun because it uses math.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Brick Website

I have had this blog for a long time, but haven't had anything on as an actual site. So I decided to build something. Its inspired by LEGOs and the idea that you can build or create anything you want out of life. I made the whole thing out of bricks. If you like LEGOs then check out my site.

I have no affiliation with LEGO. I do however, think they are a great toy for both kids and adults.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Agencies: How to land new business.

As a marketing manager, I am the gate keeper. The person that holds the keys to the budget and the person who decides what campaigns we run. As the gate keeper, everyone wants to talk to me. I'm a popular guy. (But only because I have money).

So here's a little bit of advice when you pitch me a campaign. Help me grow my business. Don't help me grow yours.

They don't say it out loud, but when a person is pitching me, in the back of their mind I can hear them thinking:

"He's got money. If we could just get him to sign this one year contract, it will help grow our business."

Before they pitch me, they have an agency meeting(A how can we get him to spend money meeting) that goes like this:
Top Exec:"What services could we provide for him?"
Brainstormer #1 "We have that giant hot air balloon shaped like Darth Vader's head and he likes Star Wars."
Brainstormer #2 "We've got an idea, but it will cost him 10 times more to generate a customer than his other marketing channels. We can file it under 'Testing'."
Brainstormer #3 "We've got that bear that juggles live rattle snakes. It's really cool."
Brainstormer #4 "We've got a random magazine that none of his customers read. But we can get him prime placement, and we get a nice commission for placing it."

These are all ideas for services that grow their business. There is no mention of growing mine. And that's where they fail.

My job is to grow my company's business, not hand out money so other people's businesses can prosper. My business is new customers. If you can help me get new customers, then I absolutely want to talk to you. But know that when you pitch me a marketing/campaign idea, I will ask you, "How does this get me new customers?". And after the campaign has run, I will measure it against how many customers that campaign generated and at what cost compared with other campaigns. Yes, I actually compare it against other marketing channels and spend the money on the more affective channels.

To be fair, I have been on the other side of this coin and have sat in meetings and suggested ideas that favored growing the agency's business. And not surprisingly, the customer didn't buy any of them.

So the bottom line is, if you want me to buy what you are selling, then sell me something that helps me grow my business. Not something that grows yours.

If you can grow my business, then you will have a customer for life.