Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How I use Twitter

When I first saw twitter, I have to admit, I wasn't sure what all of the fuss was about. After all, Twitter's tag line is "What are you doing?" and I couldn't figure out why anyone would care what a person was doing at any given moment.

And if that were its only use, I don't think I would use it. But that's not all it is for. Its much more.

A better tag line for Twitter would be "What are you talking about". Twitter is like a bunch of chat rooms where people come in and out and talk about just about everything. Its a great way to communicate and to meet people who share common interests with you.

For me, Twitter is about communicating. I have met people that I would never have met before and have learned and discussed ideas with really smart and interesting people.

One of the most interesting things about Twitter, is watching what people are talking about. Check out the search.twitter.com to see what people are saying. What people are talking about on twitter, is a good representation of what people are talking about in real life and vice versa. So if you are wondering about what people are talking about, check out the search.

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