Thursday, December 31, 2009

What did I accomplish in 2009?

Even though there are many things that I wished I had accomplished this decade that I haven't, in all I can't complain. I don't look back and regret any of the decisions I have made and I don't feel like I wasted any time doing something that I didn't want to do.

I took every opportunity I could. I worked hard. I had fun. And I spent a lot of time with my family. I did things the way I wanted to.

I may not have accomplished everything I wanted to, but I sure tried and always worked toward what I wanted.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Web ME.0, Consumers take control

In 2010 consumers will gain control. We will see the birth of Web ME.0 where everything is about me, the consumer. Its the web the way I want it, not the way someone wants me to see it.

Gone are the days of a brand deciding for me, deciding how/when/where/what message I see. Gone is Web 2.0. Brands must now play by the consumers' rules.

Web ME.0 is:
  • Destination Free. I don't have to visit individual sites because all information flows to me.
  • Filtered. I see what I want, when and where I want to. None of the stuff I don't want.
  • Walled. I only interact with the people with whom I want to interact. Maybe its lots of people in an open format, like twitter. Maybe its just my closest friends, like Facebook(or something like Facebook used to be since they are foolishly breaking down the wall just to make a buck.) But I get to choose who.
So where does advertising exist in this consumer controlled digital world? It doesn't, at least not in the form that we currently call advertising. Advertising is dead and companies that are still trying to make money based on the old model are dying with it. 2010 will be the nail in the coffin.

Consumers are in control.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Zuckerberg Is Out of Touch

I can't tell if Mark Zuckerberg is just completely out of touch with his users, or if he's just completely ignoring them.

Why? Because every recent change Facebook has made to its platform has been met with opposition from its users. Just look at these two Facebook Groups.

We Hate The New Facebook, so STOP CHANGING IT!!! 1,643,343 members

group: i love the new facebook design 70 Members (and this is the largest group)

People can't tell you how to innovate or how to make something better. But they sure know when something is wrong. And if the groups are any indication, something is definitely wrong.

A good CEO is in tune with his audience. He gets them. He looks out for them. He does what is in their best interest because he understands that when his users are happy, his company is happy.

Z is the complete opposite. He is out of touch with the users and isn't building Facebook in their best interest. He is building it for himself. The way he thinks it should be. And right now, how Z thinks they should use it and how users actually want to use it are at odds. Which is not a good thing.

Case in point.
Facebook has announced new privacy settings to make privacy EASIER on the user. Total lie. The only thing easier about the new change is how much easier it will be for Google to get your personal data. I guess this is to keep up with Twitter. But I can't figure out why.

If Z learns anything from reading this post(yeah right) its should be this:

Facebook is Private and always should be.

Twitter = public. Facebook = Private. Two totally separate things. They don't have to be like each other. They shouldn't. We shouldn't even be comparing them.

People like their privacy. That's why Facebook has been so great. I can talk with all my real friends without the entire world watching. (sure there are loopholes, but for the most part it works pretty well.)

How's this for a business model? Make it more private. Make it a safe harbor where I can go online without fear of someone stalking me, watching me, spamming me or interrupting a private conversation. That's the value. Privacy. There aren't many, if any, private places online. Make Facebook the most private place online. That will make you some money. Guaranteed.

With the new changes, Facebook has taken away some of our privacy. They have told us what the world can see of our profiles when they should have given us the option to decide for ourselves. Actually, I think it shouldn't even be an option. Make it private. Keep it private.

Remember MySpace. It died because it got to be too public. Facebook is the next MySpace.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Going Destination Free

When the web was born, everyone focused on the destination, usually an all important URL where all the magic was going to happen. And nearly two decades later, most still seemed fixed on getting traffic to a destination. That will change.

A friend of mine, Anthony Power, has called it "The Destination Free Web", where information flows freely from one place to another, and the destination is no longer important.

Why the Destination Free Web?
  1. Its the INFO people want, NOT the destination.
  2. People don't want to be confined.
  3. People want access everywhere and anywhere.
  1. APIs
  2. Partnerships between companies and platforms
  3. Sharing of Data and Info
The question arises, "If people aren't visiting my website, then how will I make money?". Tough question. But then again, the people asking that question are the ones who still think that they can make money through advertising. Advertising is dead and the destination free web will only make it more dead.

People and companies who understand the destination free web will build the web of the future.