Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Web ME.0, Consumers take control

In 2010 consumers will gain control. We will see the birth of Web ME.0 where everything is about me, the consumer. Its the web the way I want it, not the way someone wants me to see it.

Gone are the days of a brand deciding for me, deciding how/when/where/what message I see. Gone is Web 2.0. Brands must now play by the consumers' rules.

Web ME.0 is:
  • Destination Free. I don't have to visit individual sites because all information flows to me.
  • Filtered. I see what I want, when and where I want to. None of the stuff I don't want.
  • Walled. I only interact with the people with whom I want to interact. Maybe its lots of people in an open format, like twitter. Maybe its just my closest friends, like Facebook(or something like Facebook used to be since they are foolishly breaking down the wall just to make a buck.) But I get to choose who.
So where does advertising exist in this consumer controlled digital world? It doesn't, at least not in the form that we currently call advertising. Advertising is dead and companies that are still trying to make money based on the old model are dying with it. 2010 will be the nail in the coffin.

Consumers are in control.

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