Monday, December 7, 2009

Going Destination Free

When the web was born, everyone focused on the destination, usually an all important URL where all the magic was going to happen. And nearly two decades later, most still seemed fixed on getting traffic to a destination. That will change.

A friend of mine, Anthony Power, has called it "The Destination Free Web", where information flows freely from one place to another, and the destination is no longer important.

Why the Destination Free Web?
  1. Its the INFO people want, NOT the destination.
  2. People don't want to be confined.
  3. People want access everywhere and anywhere.
  1. APIs
  2. Partnerships between companies and platforms
  3. Sharing of Data and Info
The question arises, "If people aren't visiting my website, then how will I make money?". Tough question. But then again, the people asking that question are the ones who still think that they can make money through advertising. Advertising is dead and the destination free web will only make it more dead.

People and companies who understand the destination free web will build the web of the future.

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