Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Option Overload

There are simply too many options on the internet.  Too many hotels, too many books, too many shoes, shirts, pants, blogs to read, sites to visit.  You name it, there are too many choices to choose from and its becoming harder and harder to navigate.  The noise is confusing the good stuff.  The long tail has exploded and its only getting worse.  We are heading to option overload.

Many sites have attempted to filter it all for us.  But they still show you every option that is available just broken down through filters.  Its still to many options.

I don't want to see all of the options any more.  I want to see the best options that are most relevant to me.  Of all the popular clothing out there, show me the top ones that interest me the most.

Figure out a way to NOT show me the ones I don't want to see. And do it without me having to tell you. (I know, somehow you will have to figure out how to read my mind).  Don't give me all the options, just the ones I will like.  Let me choose from those and only those.  Forget the rest.

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