Friday, July 30, 2010

Linkedin Code of Conduct

Not sure what is was this week, but I received a lot of Spam via Linkedin.  All well intended but all outside the bounds of established Linkedin etiquette.

Yes Linkedin is for connecting with business people.  But more in the way you would ask a friend for a favor, recommendation or input.  Not in the way that a friend tries to get you to join their MLM business.

The other big difference that I saw in the messages I received this week were, they were all generic.  They may have had my name on it, but none were written with me specifically in mind.  It felt like part of a mass email.

I am sure the down economy has something to do with it.  But the truth is these tactics just aren't affective and may jeopardize future business relationships.

Don't overstep that social boundaries and group etiquette that has been established.  It will get you no where.

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