Thursday, July 29, 2010

Opt Out

Don't send me an email letting me know that I need to Opt Out of an email newsletter that you decided to put me on. How about instead, you send me an email telling me about the newsletter and how great it is. Then let me decide if I want to be on your mailing list.

Today I received an email from someone I am loosely connected to through Linkedin. Part of it read:

"I'm letting you know that I will be sending updates on a semi-frequent basis on topics related to B2B marketing and business development. But first, you should decide if you'd like to receive them or not!

If not, then please go to the bottom of this email and opt-out. I respect your time and if you're not interested I don't want to waste it."

Just because we are loosely connected through Linkedin doesn't mean that I want your Newsletter. And even if it was the most interesting newsletter in the world, I am surely not going to read it after YOU opted me in.

Whats worse is that this guy says he's the "founder and CMO" of a marketing company.  He should know better than this.

If you are reading this mister CMO, you owe everyone you sent the email to and Opted IN an apology.

1 comment:

Chris Herbert said...

Hello LJ,

I'm the CMO who sent the email. I did give examples of what would be in the newsletter which you didn't include in your post.

I do appreciate your point of view and will share this experience in a blog post in the future.

Chris Herbert
Founder and CMO