Thursday, October 1, 2009

Blogging for an A

It has been a long time since I have blogged. I have been consumed with another project that has consumed all of my free time. Should be launching it soon.

The time off has made me think about how I blog. And I have decided to change my blogging habits. Before, I only blogged when I felt like I had something really intelligent to say. I took a long time to think about a post because I wanted get it just right. And sometimes it took a long time to write those posts as if I were writing a small Thesis for some Masters Degree I will never get. I feel like this way of blogging has limited me and my ability to get my thoughts out. A lot of great thoughts have fallen by the wayside.

But that's all going to change starting now. From now on, blog post will be:
  • Shorter
  • More frequent
  • A way for me just to get my thoughts out on a given topic
  • Written in the moment
  • To the point
  • More of a brainstorm
  • How I think the digital world IS changing
  • How I think the digital world SHOULD change
  • An exploration of my thoughts
I am not saying I won't take the time to write good blog posts. I am just going to let my blogging and thoughts flow a little more freely than before.

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