Friday, August 19, 2011

Don't confuse Buzz with Marketing

Just because people are talking about something, or interested in something, or buzzing about something doesn't mean they are willing to part with their money and buy what you are selling.

Marketing is the alignment of products and needs.  Buzz is just something that is interesting.

For example.  William Hung. (If you don't know who William Hung is, go to youtube and watch this video. ).

The media and everyone else was following William around wondering what he would do next.  Wondering if he would put out an album (Which he did called Hung for the Holidays).  Everyone was talking.  His videos went viral.  But that doesn't mean they were going to buy anything or that he would ever make it in the music business.

Sarah Palin is the William Hung of the 2012 Presidential Race.  The media is following her around and wondering what she will do next.  Will she run?  Everyone is talking.

People talk about them.  Blog about them.  Facebook about them. 

They make for good TV and are interesting to watch.  Interesting like Jersey Shore.

But at the end of the day, its Buzz.  Its not marketing.  When compared with how many people are talking about them, very few are willing to actually buy something.

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