Monday, April 11, 2011

SEO and its Hats.

Read two great post today on the effectiveness of White/Grey/Black hat SEO and what really does or doesn't work.

White Hat SEO is a Joke by Kris Roadruck
White Hat SEO: It F-ing Works by Rand Fishkin

Both have great points, but I think the best point was made in the comments of Rand's post by Ross Hudgens.

  • I think it's important to not justify white hat SEO techniques (building really great content then spreading it), as white hat alone - often times - no, always - the most effective SEO in the world is extremely strong content and links that effectively "covers up" the grey hat techniques that large brands use to pick up exact anchor text citations. JCPenney didn't do this effectively - others, in verticals where links come in droves - it seems intelligent - and indescrinable - for them to blend in grey techniques, as it it extremely difficult to be picked up by a sniff test - and it is also the best way to pick up exact anchor citations. 
It may look white hat, but at the end of the day, all SEO is intended to boost/improve the rankings within the SERPs.  Whether or not its white or grey hat is just a matter of how the SEO technique is percieved.

Black Hat however, is another story and is outright deceptive and spammy and should be avoided.

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