Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Real Shaq is the Real Social Media Guru

By now its no secret that the real Shaquille O'neal is on Twitter as @THE_REAL_SHAQ. The truth is, he is doing a great job and people could learn a lot from watching him.

Shaq Is Real
The greatest thing that we can learn from him about participating on Twitter is that he is participating as a real person who just happens to be a celebrity. Its not his assistant or some marketing agency acting on his behalf. Its him, sending tweets from his phone and tweeting with normal, average, everyday people just like you and me. Now that's cool. After all, he could have just followed and tweeted with other Twitter celebrities like Lance Armstrong @lancearmstrong or Steve Nash @the_real_nash.

He is real. He is personal. And he also has fun with it.

Recently he gave away two tickets to a suns game with this Tweet.

People n phoenix u have 5 min to touch me I have 2 laker tickets n my hand I'm on a corner at a bus stop
4:42 PM Feb 28th from txt

And 9 minutes later @austino won.

Wow the winner is @austino he saw mw walgreens on 7th and glendale congrats follow him
4:51 PM Feb 28th from txt

Be real. Be personal. And have fun. It takes time, but you will be rewarded.

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