Monday, February 23, 2009

Keep Your Blog Posts Short

Blog posts don't have to be long to be powerful. In fact, some of the best posts are the ones that are short and get right to the point.

Reasons to keep posts short:
- People have more to do all day than read blogs
- If a post seems too long, I may just skip it
- It keeps you as the writer focused on the subject
- People like things that are easily consumable
- People have short attention spans

If you do have a long post, break it up into two or three separate posts and share them over a few days. It will keep readers coming back, rather than getting bored and leaving.

1 comment:

James said...

The downside of shorter blog posts is that most people tend not to know how to develop a topic. They'll come up with something fairly interesting and then treat it in the most superficial manner. It's one thing to break a longer topic up into smaller articles and then post each part every so many days, but most bloggers take a topic, post a paragraph or two, and then drop it.

Yes, it's short and people read all the way through the post, but it ends up being the mental equivalent of cotton candy.